Thursday, May 27, 2010

Emerging Technology: #1

I have chose to explore the site gabcast as the podcasting emerging technology. Gabcast is a podcasting site that allows you to record a message, conference call, or other audio and easily post it on the site. The site also allows you to record personal audio greetings, hold interviews, and even verbally describe items on ebay!
The site was very simple to use. When signing up it gives step bu step details on how to set up a new channel. However, once in the channel selection, I had a hard time maneuvering back to where I started. I would suggest writing out exactly what you want to say before recording the podcast so you aren't stumbling through it. Podcasting does seem to have its benefits such as being able to more clearly express emotions that may be lost in a solely written form. I also like the fact that it can be accessed and used without having to purchase a microphone so less technology savvy people (such as myself) can use the phone and still be able to enjoy all its benefits. Although you do receive 5 free minutes, it does cost 10 cents per additional minutes to record, which is a downside.
I personally don't see myself using this device as just something to do in my free time, however as an educator it could be used to post information for parents or students who have missed a class to explain assignments. It could also be used to post lectures for college level students to use a reference.

My gabcast is actually these question we needed to answer on this blog. To listen to my gabcast visit:


  1. I enjoyed listening to your Podcast! Thanks for the tip of writing down what you want to say before recording. Great job!!

  2. The message came thru very clear. Good tip about writing it out first.

    WIth the advantage of people being able to hear your inflection, take advantage of it. The podcast was a little "monotone", which is very common when people read something ..... use this technology's advantage to zap more emotion into your message and you will definitely hook people!! :-)

  3. I liked your podcast. Your talking was loud and clear.

  4. Thank you so much, I enjoyed your straight forward attack on this assignment, it helped me tremendously.